Begonia Tuberous 

                    Nonstop : Nonstop is a very well-known tuberous Begonia in the market. It has early lateral branching, mounded plant habit. Attractive large fully double flowers with great color range. Best for premium quality production.

BEG650 Mix

BEG656 Orange

BEG657 Pink

BEG658 Red

BEG660 White

BEG661 Yellow

BEG664 Fire

BEG665 Sunset

BEG666 Salmon

BEG651 Apple Blossom

BEG653 Deep Rose

BEG654 Deep Salmon

BEG662 Yellow with Red Back

BEG663 Rose Picotee

Flower size      7-10 cm.    Contact Admin   
Garden height     20-25 cm.
Garden spread             20-25 cm.
Days from sowing to transplanting  50-55 days
Days from sowing to full bloom          125-145 days

                        Nonstop Mocca :  Nonstop Mocca is a bronze leaf Nonstop,similary habits to Nonstop. Uniform flowering time across the colors

BEG680 Mix

BEG683 Scarlet

BEG684 White

BEG685 Yellow

BEG686 Cherry

BEG687 Bright Orange

BEG681 Deep Orange

BEG682 Pink Shades

BEG688 Red

BEG689 Deep Red

Flower size        7-10 cm.  Contact Admin
Garden height  20-25 cm.
Garden spread               
20-25 cm. 
Days from sowing to transplanting    50-55 days
Days from sowing to full bloom   125-145 days
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