“We strive to be experts in agribusiness related to Ornamental plants, flower seeds, vegetable seeds, agricultural chemicals and organic products" to develop agriculture with domestic customers. We also have support from breeding companies around the world. who see the importance of tropical countries like Thailand with efficiency in producing flowers to meet international standards

Our company has personnel who have knowledge and expertise in flowers. Help and advise all interested and professional customers. And we also have an annual planting trial comparing species. To ensure that each species that we select for customers Can be grown in the climate of Thailand. And we also added the cultivation techniques learned in the aforementioned experiments. To offer new techniques to customers so that customers get the most value for money when choosing our seeds.

The company also has an important policy to plan seed purchases for customers in each area before the planting season. In order for customers to receive flower seeds that are still of standard quality from the source of production and can use the seeds to keep up with the growing season

The company also provides advice on agrochemical products. organic agriculture for farmers Group of ornamental flower producers Fruit trees and crops Covering all regions across the country in agricultural products such as pesticides herbicide Plant prevention and eradication Supplements and plant hormones Organic Fertilizers and Chemicals and agricultural equipment For the goal of expanding the business to cover all agricultural needs in the future


Marigold Cut Flower



               Vang Vieng



Vegetable and Herb


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