Figaro :  Dwarf dahlia with semi-double and fully double flowers. Figaro has uniform plant habit with dark green leaves. Easy to grow from seed.

DAH200 Mix

DAH201 Orange Shade

DAH202 Red Shade

DAH203 Violet Shade

DAH204 White

DAH205 Yellow Shades

                             First Love :  Fall in love with First Love! Large, fully double flowers on compact plants in a range of bright colors and interesting bi-colors offer the perfect input for 6” pots. Strong plants bloom all season and will re-bloom if dead-headed. Only seedling available

DAH906 Purple

DAH905 Burgundy Picotee

DAH904 Pink Morn

DAH903 Yellow Red

DAH902 Pink Blush

DAH901 Red Picotee

 Figaro First Love 
Flower size                  6-7 cm.7-10 cm.
Garden height25-30 cm. 25-30 cm. 
Garden spread   20-25 cm.20-30 cm.
Days from sowing to transplanting20-25 days 
Days from transplanting full bloom45-50 days80-90 days
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