Big Smile :  Big Smile is the dwarf variety. It has early blooming, the blooms have golden petals and a brownish central eye. Big Smile is also“day length neutral” so it can be grown to bloom year round.

            Miss Sunshine :  Dwarf Sunflower rich golden yellow with pollen-free flower. Miss Sunshine has 6-7 cm. blooms with a fast flush of secondary flowers. It blooms face up and produce long-lasting color for the consumer. Miss Sunshine is perfect for containers and mixed pots.

            Sunbuzz :  Sunbuzz Pot Sunflower SunBuzz keeps pumping out more blooms, big show of secondary flowers.

HLS201 Big Smile

HLS212 Miss Sunshine

HLS211 Sunbuzz

 Big Smile Miss Sunshine Sunbuzz 
Flower size                  8-12 cm.6-7 cm.14-15 cm.
Garden height     20-25 cm20-22 cm.30-40 cm.
Garden spread 25-30 cm.28-30 cm.20-30 cm
Days from sowing to transplanting   10-15 days10-15 days10-15 days
Days from sowing to full bloom  40-50 days40-50 days50-60 days
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             Sunsation :  The Sunsation series consists of a number of large flowered, pollen free F1 hybrids with black center. The flowers do not produce any pollen resulting clean disc providing long shelf life. Sunsation develops robust plant with a compact habit. Easy to grow, quick crop and quick turnover.

HLS202 Yellow

HLS204 Flame

HLS205 Lemon

Flower size                10-15 cm.  Add to Cart
Garden height       50-60 cm.
Garden spread               30-40 cm.
Days from sowing to transplanting    10-15 days
Days from sowing to full bloomYellow / Flame 60-70 days || Lemon 60-70 days

             Sunfinity :  Sunfinity is a free-branching and blooming sunflower that is truly unique from any other annual sunflower on the market. Due to this habit, Sunfinity benefits from the application of plant growth regulators (PGRs) during finish. This PGR Guide was designed to help growers make the best choice about when and what PGRs to apply to their crops.

                Dancing Sun :  Newest addition to pot helianthus. Pollen free with well-branching habit. Suitable for pot and landscaping use. Flowers approximately 1 month

HLS711 Sunfinity Yellow Dark Cent

HLS712 Sunfinity Yellow Red Bicolor

HLS231 Dancing Sun Yellow

  Sunfinity Dancing Sun 
Flower size                 9-10 cm.15-18 cm.
Garden height 180-200 cm.100-120 cm.
Garden spread 75-80 cm.70-80 cm.
Days from sowing to transplanting    15-20 days7-10 days
Days from sowing to full bloom   70-75 days45-50 days
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