Avignon Early Blue :  Grow early, grow easy, grow beautiful! This tight, well-branched and strong-stemmed plant shows deeper blue blooms earlier than similar English Lavenders. Grown as annual in the early cool season. Critical daylength is only 10 hours and growing well in cool conditions

              Lavance Deep Purple :  Produces the deepest purple-blue Summer colour with no bleaching, strong branching. Best for Summer production, longer days and higher temperatures. Highly scented.

LAV001 Avignon Early Blue

LAV001 Avignon Early Blue

LAV301 Lavance Deep Purple

LAV301 Lavance Deep Purple

Spike length                 
 3-4 cm.Add to Cart
Garden height       25-30 cm.     Avignon Early Blue
Garden spread               10-15 cm. 
Days from sowing to transplanting    35-40 days  Lavance Deep Purple
Days from sowing to full bloom          100-120 days


              Spanish Eyes :  Fast-growing tender perennial/annual variety flowers all Summer, right up until frost. Soft-textured and finely cut fernleaf foliage is topped by branched, beautiful in bud and stunning when blooms open. Free-flowering in pot and garden.

LAV401 Spanish Eyes

LAV401 Spanish Eyes

Spike length            
2-3 cm.  Add to Cart
Garden height 60-70 cm.
Garden spread   50-60 cm.

Days from sowing to transplanting    25-30 days
Days from sowing to full bloom          70-80 days

Marigold Cut Flower



               Vang Vieng



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