Aube :  ‘Aube’ means dawn in French, and is a symbol of starting new life. Aube’s large flowers with masses of petals fill bouquets beautifully. Hard stem, Hard flower petals, less risk of damage.

LIS589 Blue

LIS588 Pink

LIS587 Rose Pink

LIS585 Cocktail

LIS584 Yellow

LIS580 Red

LIS592 Pure White (Aube4)

LIS591 Rose Picotee (Aube4)

LIS590 Blue Flash

LIS586 Pure White

LIS583 Pink Picotee

LIS582 Pink Flash

LIS581 Blue Picotee

Flower size
7-9 cm.  Add to Cart
Garden height   
100-120 cm.

Garden spread      
15-20 cm.

Days from sowing to transplanting    
85-90 days

Days from sowing to full bloom          
190-200 days

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