Marigold African

            SunNova :  SunNova as its name “Nova-New” it is our new breeding, new concept of multipurpose usage. SunNova can be grown for Cut flower, Landscape and Jumbo size pot plant.

  • The expectation of creating new Marigold are strong flower neck without calyx breaking. Short sturdy stem for transportability and recover well after raining.
  • Strong flower petal, high petal count, round shape flowers.
  • The height is in between Tall and knee.
  • A bit late to flower than other landscape Marigold but last longer.
  • Can be grown all year round.
  • Good field holding ability, keep flower quality even late harvesting.

MAR351 Marigold SunNova Yellow

MAR352 Marigold SunNova Gold

MAR353 Marigold SunNova Orange

Short day length

Long day length  Add to Cart
Flower size8-10 cm.8-10 cm.
Garden height65-70 cm.70-75 cm.
Garden spread45-50 cm.50-55 cm.
Days from sowing to full bloom60-65 days65-70 days

Marigold Cut Flower



               Vang Vieng



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