Jackpot Gold :  Jackpot Gold provides hardy performance. Excellent performance in hot and humid climates it takes summer heat and rains with ease. Larger Flower size with attractive round shape.

                        Show Star :  Daisy-like flowers on a dependable plant provide a delightful display. Producing flowers all summer long and surviving drought and heat. Ideal choice for beds and border.

                        Golden Globe :  'Golden Globe' has the deepest golden flowers above rich green leaves of any Melampodium. Golden Globe has a very uniform, compact and neatly globed-shaped habit.

                        Derby :  Compact plant with intense bright golden yellow flowers and small leaf size. Very floriferous over a long blooming period.

MEL401 Jackpot Gold

MEL101 Show Star

MEL301 Golden Globe

MEL201 Derby

 Jackpot Gold Show StarGolden GlobeDerby
Flower size                     2.5-3.0 cm.2.5-3.0 cm.2.0-3.0 cm.2.0-2.5 cm.
Garden height 25-30 cm.40-45 cm.20-22 cm.30-35 cm.
Garden spread 28-30 cm.30-35 cm.20-25 cm.28-30 cm.
Days from sowing to transplanting20-25 days25-30 days25-30 days25-30 days
Days from sowing to full bloom   50-60 days55-60 days55-60 days55-60 days
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