Astra :  Creative breeding has made this semi-hardy perennial suitable for production in 10-12 cm. pots as well as patio containers and garden displays. Astra produces long-lasting, star-shaped blooms available as semi-double or single flowers. Continuous balloon-shaped buds mean Astra has an exceptionally long shelf life, providing continuous flowering throughout the season. Astra's heat tolerance makes production possible during the course of the summer without problems.

             Sentimental Blue :  Sentimental Blue is a genetically dwarf Platycodon selection featuring puffy flower buds shaped like balloons, which open into 3 inch/7 cm diameter, single, blue, upward-facing, bell-shaped flowers. Superior basal branching, mounding habit and pointed, cup-shaped multi-blooms. With its heavy bud count and early flowering energy Sentimental Blue can be sold as a bedding plant or pot crop and then planted in the garden where in some areas it becomes a perennial.

PLA101 Blue

PLA102 Pink

PLA103 Pure White

PLA104 Semi Double Lavender

PLA105 Semi Double White

PLA106 Semi Double Blue

PLA107 Semi Double Pink

PLA200 Sentimental Blue

 Astra Sentimental Blue 
Flower size  
5-6 cm.5-6 cm.
Garden height                20-25 cm.25-30 cm.
Garden spread               20-25 cm.20-25 cm.
Days from sowing to transplanting  35-40 days35-40 days
Days from sowing to full bloom          75-80 days75-80 days
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