Vinca Trailing 

                 Cora Cascade :  F1 Trailing vinca, proven Phytophthora tolerance crossed into vigorous trailing plants with huge flowers. Ideal for hanging baskets and balcony planting.

VIN150 Mix

VIN157 Violet

VIN152 Polka Dot

VIN153 Apricot

VIN154 Cherry

VIN155 Lilac

VIN151 Strawberry

VIN158 White

VIN159 Lavender with Eye

VIN160 Shell Pink

VIN162 Bright Rose

Flower size         4-5 cm.  Add to Cart
Garden height     15-20 cm.
Garden spread           40-50 cm.
Days from sowing to transplanting  25-30 days
Days from sowing to full bloom  80-90 days
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