Serena  is the first seed Angelonia in the market. A well-branched plant with more flowering stems. It is the perfect plant for adding bright color to hot and sunny place. Serena fills gardens, landscapes and mixed containers with unique color.

ANG100 Mix

ANG101 Blue

ANG102 Lavender

ANG103 Purple

ANG104 White

ANG110 Waterfall Mix

Spike length                   
15-20 cm.  Add to Cart
Garden height 30-35 cm. 
Garden spread 25-30 cm. 
Days from sowing to transplanting 25-30 days 
Days from sowing to full bloom 60-65 days 
                      Serenita   A dwarf Angelonia, Serenita is more compact than Serena. Serenita has all the good looks, durability and easy production. Great performance in hot and humid growing condition. No pinching requires. Excellent to grow in all kind of container sizes, mixed container and landscape

ANG200 Mix

ANG201 Lavender Pink

ANG202 Pink

ANG203 Purple

ANG204 Raspberry

ANG205 White

ANG206 Sky Blue

Spike length                   
12-15 cm.
  Add to Cart
Garden height   30-35 cm. 
Garden spread 20-25 cm.
Days from sowing to transplanting 25-30 days 
Days from sowing to full bloom  60-65 days 

                       Angelica Large flowers on long spikes makes this angelonia breed unique and excellent in the landscape. Durable branches means less breaking. Very showy as flower fields.


ANG930 Blue Bicolor

ANG929 Cherry Red

ANG928 Dark Purple

ANG927 Dark Rose

ANG926 Light Pink

ANG921 Raspberry

ANG922 Coral

ANG925 Pink

ANG923 Purple

ANG924 White

Spike length                  
30-40 cm.  Add to Cart
Garden height     60-75 cm.
Garden spread 25-30 cm.
Days from transplanting full bloom 75-80 days
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