Cannova : The Canna CANNOVA series, with its outstanding garden performance and profuse flowering until the first frost, adds a tropical touch to any outdoor space, whether it’s a cool or warm Summer. Dynamic, strong, long-lasting and great branching; Canna CANNOVA is an excellent performer. Canna CANNOVA is suitable for open soil, balcony- and patio pots and mixed containers.

700 THB ฿ 700

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ทรอปิคอล พันธุ์แรกที่ขยายพันธุ์ด้วยเมล็ด ต้นเตี้ยกว่าพันธุ์พื้นเมือง ดอกใหญ่ชูช่ออยู่เหนือลำต้น มีความสูงสม่ำเสมอ เจริญเติบโตดีในสภาพอากาศร้อน

800 THB ฿ 800

(Product variants available)


South Pacific : The first hybrid Canna from seed. South Pacific scarlet is not prone to diseases often transmitted in rhizome propagation. South Pacific is day-length neutral, well-branched and excellent repeat blooming on multiple spikes. It is more vigorous, more uniform and has more basal branching than Canna Tropical. Well suited for both landscape and container use.

450 THB ฿ 450

(Product variants available)

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