Qis : Vivid colour range, also as a cut flower for greenhouse and outdoor production. Suited to fresh and dried use. Versatile series works well for landscape and garden use.

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Audray : The Audray series is the definition of versatile. It can be used for both fresh and dried arrangements and performs magnificently in the garden withstanding hot and humid conditions.

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Firework : Very tall, floriferous habit makes Fireworks sparkle and explode with color in landscapes and containers. Vigorous, “tough as nails” plants are drought tolerant and low maintenance. Attractive architectural element for landscapes; also excellent for mixed cut flower bouquets.

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600 THB ฿600




Gnome : Gomphrena Gnome is dwarf pot Gomphrena in the market. An ideal garden plant in the area that has high humidity or hot and dry condition. This extra-dwarf, compact plant is an excellent component plant in mixed containers and is ideal in bed. Germinates well at high temperatures.

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