Freefall XL : Pansy Freefall® XL has the same great habit as the original Freefall series but has the added benefit of much larger flowers. XL is easy for growers thanks to its non-trailing habit and 10-14 day earlier flowering in Spring than comparable varieties. Perfect for hanging baskets, containers or even ground cover, Freefall® XL will flower prolifically all over the plant.

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Grandissimo : Grandissimo is a small size Pansy but much larger flower size than Viola. Ideal for landscape with an explosion of great color range. You can creatively design Grandissimo in various way of mixture such as different pot size, mix your own color, mix with other plants, Mix with Pansy or Viola to get different texture from different flower size. Grandissimo is well branching and stay compact throughout the season.

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Matrix : Matrix offers less handling, less waste and exceptional holding power for higher profitability. 7-day bloom window across all colors.

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Freefall : Freefall is the grower choice for Spring and Autumn baskets. Freefall comes in a wide range of colors and produces flowers all over the plant. The sustained day-length neutral flowering means Freefall will flower in longer seasons. A great choice of trailing Pansy

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