Antirrhinum Cut Flower

                    Potomac :  Group 3-4 class can be grown under medium to long days and moderate to high light levels. Ideal for warm area, producing very high-quality, long stems with excellent spike.

ANT304 Crimson

ANT307 Orange

ANT308 Pink

ANT310 Red

ANT311 Royal

ANT312 Yellow

ANT314 Rose

ANT316 White

ANT301 Ivory White

ANT302 Applebloss

ANT303 Cherry Rose

ANT305 Lavender

ANT306 Dark Orang

Spike length             20-25 cm.  Add to Cart
Garden height  100-120 cm. 
Garden spread       20-25 cm. 
Days from sowing to transplanting    25-30 days 
Days from sowing to full bloom100-120 days 
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