Majorette :  Majorette is bred for uniformity in earliness and plant habit. Large flowers with striking colors make Majorette look perfect at retail. The full bodied plants with a high number of stems and very good flower follow up ensure long lasting pleasure for the consumer.

** มีคละสีจำหน่าย GER500 มิกซ์

GER501 Gold & Orange

GER503 Orange Dark Eye

GER504 Pink Halo

GER505 Red Dark Eye

GER506 Sunset Orange

GER507 Yellow Dark Eye

GER502 White Dark Eye

              Cartwheel :  Beautiful shades at every turn. Large, semi-double blooms come in distinctive designer hues. Multi-blooming, vigorous plants are ideal for larger premium pot programs. Superior shelf life compared to the competition, with reduced leaf stretch and yellowing, and longer flower life. Seed-produced plants offer a cost-effective and efficient alternative to tissue culture liners.

GEB620 Strawberry Twist

GEB621 Chardonnay

GEB622 Autumm Color

 Majorette Cartwheel 
Flower size                     8-10 cm.8-10 cm.
Garden height 20-30 cm.22-25 cm.
Garden spread      25-28 cm.20-25 cm.
Days from sowing to transplanting   40-45 days25-30 days
Days from sowing to full bloom    95-115 days110-120 days
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