Marigold African 
     Tiny Sun :  Brand new pot plant and landscape Marigold from AGA Agro. Tiny Sun has small plant but powerful bloom with high flower quality as SunNova

  • Firm flowers, nice round shape and hard petal.
  • Available in 3 colors; Yellow, Deep Gold and Bright Orange.
  • 360 degree flowering on a knee high plants.
  • -Strong stem, short internode and flower stem looks tidy.

MAR407 Marigold Tiny Sun Yellow

MAR408 Marigold Tiny Sun Gold

MAR409 Marigold Tiny SunOrange

Short day length

Long day length

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Flower size
8-10 cm. 8-10 cm.
Garden height40-45 cm. 40-45 cm. 
Garden spread  
35-40 cm.
40-45 cm.

Days from sowing to full bloom
60-65 days 
65-70 days

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