Petunia Multiflora Compact


                          Mambo :  Mambo Petunia series is the multiflora counterpart to the Grandiflora Limbo series because they are genetically dwarf. This characteristic allows them to be produced without growth regulators, resulting in an earlier bloom time and larger flowers than typical multiflora types. The genetically dwarf habit becomes even more evident in gardens. Good weather resistance and an outstanding outdoor performance.

PET501 Mix

PET502 White

PET503 Blue

PET504 Violet

PET505 Rose

PET506 Red

PET507 Pink

PET509 Peach

PET510 Salmon

PET514 Purple

PET518 Mid Blue

PET519 Red Vein

PET508 Sweet Pink

PET511 Pink Morn

PET512 Ped Morn

PET513 Rose Vein

PET515 Deep Purple

PET516 Burgundy

PET517 Orchid Vein

PET520 Rose Morn

PET521 Sky Blue

PET522 Plum

PET523 Blue Vein

Flower size 
6-7 cm.  Add to Cart
Garden height           15-20 cm.
Garden spread              20-25 cm.
Days from sowing to transplanting   25-30 days

Days from sowing to full bloom          65-75 days
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