Salvia Farinacea 100 Seeds


Rhea, Cirrus, Strata : Salvia Farinacea thrive in a vast range of climatic conditions. Compact plants, well branching and early flowering is the key of breeding and selection criteria. Flower spike has large, dense, long spike with attractive BLUE color of Victoria and Rhea. Bicolor blue and white of Strata and which color of Victoria and Cirrus makes a great combination of breeze color.

Color (สี)

Strada Cirrus Rhea

Categories : Flower Seed Salvia


Spike length   
20-25 cm.
Garden height        40-50 cm.
Garden spread               25-30 cm.
Days from sowing to transplanting    25-30 days
Days from sowing to full bloom          85-90 days
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