Color Grass Juncus 100 Seeds


Color สี


Blue Arrow  
Stiff, upright, blue-green foliage is well-suited to annual bedding and mixed containers.

Blue Dart
Linear blue foliage with strong, vertical habit. Fast-growing, easy-care and adaptable to many conditions such as drought or standing water makes this an attractive indoor or water plant with good retail shelf life.

Javelin makes a dramatic “thriller” for mixed containers. Can grow up to 150 cm. tall in gardens/landscapes. Rugged, upright plant can grow in standing water, but also handles heat/drought.

Compact variety displays green, broad-leafed foliage and long-lasting, dark green star inflorescences.

Unique juncus with small, curly green leaves that twists up. Economical and easy to grow in many container sizes. Can also be grown in wet conditions making this suitable as a pond plant

Blue Arrow
Blue Dart
Garden height
70-90 cm.35-40 cm.100-120  cm.20-25 cm.70-90 cm.
Garden spread          30-35 cm.25-30 ซม.45-55 cm.20-25 cm.30-35 cm.
Days from sowing to transplanting35-40 days35-40 days35-40 days35-40 days35-40 days
Days from sowing to maturity 80-90 days80-90 days80-90 days80-90 days80-90 days

Marigold Cut Flower



               Vang Vieng



Vegetable and Herb


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