Stock Cut Flower - Cheerful , Uta 100 Seeds


Uta : Japanese breeding, long spike with very close internode. Very mind smell with colorful flowers. 45-50% of single flower will appeare in the genetic. Cheerful : 90% of the plants produce double flowers without seedling selection for a more cost effective crop. Stock requires cool temperatures for optimum flowering and quality but Cheerful is an early flowering series that requires less cooling to initiate flowering.

Color สี

Blue Apricot Rose Yellow Purple White Sky Blue Deep Rose Sakura Pink Pure White Light Pink White Yellow

Categories : Flower Seed Stock Matthiola


Spike length         20-22 cm.
Garden height    80-85 cm.
Garden spread        15-20 cm.
Days from sowing to transplanting20-25 days
Days from sowing to full bloom  75-80 days
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