Sea Star, Silver Frost , Solarity , Surrender Red : Succulent plant, semi trailing with less water is required. Suitable for pot plant. It is available in many plant types.

SED007 Silver Frost

SED008 Solarity

SED009 Surrender Red

SED005 Sea Star

Garden height        10-15 cm.  Add to Cart
Garden spread          20-25 cm.
Days from sowing to transplanting   30-35 days
Days from sowing to full bloom (Pot 4")   85-90 days
               Voodoo : Exceptional deep red leaf color. Nice round habit in the pot and dense ground cover in soil. Abundance of neon rose flowers from June through August. Attractive structural plant, evergreen 

             Spirit : Tiny, yellow, star-shaped flowers cover the entire plant. Glossy, bright green foliage has serrated margins. Semi-evergreen, compact, mounding habit. Suitable for a ground cover, in a rock garden or for rooftop gardens.


SED004 Voodoo

SED003 Spirit

Garden height     10-15 cm.

Garden spread              20-25 cm.Voodoo  Add to Cart
Days from sowing to transplanting    30-35 daysSpirit   Add to Cart
Days from sowing to full bloom (Pot 4")                85-90 days

Marigold Cut Flower



               Vang Vieng



Vegetable and Herb


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