Viola - Bel Viso 100 Seeds


Bel Viso : The new series selected for precision performance and uniformity across the colors. Bel Viso has large showy blooms on a compact and tidy branching habit. Bel Viso is perfectly grown in pot and garden. The gardener and landscaper can be fun to mix and match the colors as it available in a vibrant range of colors.

Color สี

Orange Morpho Purple True Blue Yellow YTT True Blue Bronze Deep Marina White Bronze Victoriana Rose Gold Marina Sunrise Violet Becon Prim Apple Crush Orange Jump Up Lemon Yellow Lavender Becon Deep Blue Bronze Yellow Blotch Pure White Bright Purple Blue Bronze yellow Jump Up White Jump Up Purple White Face Red Wing Padparadja Marina Margarita Cream

Categories : Flower Seed Viola


Flower size      
2.5-3.0 cm.
Garden height        10-13 cm.
Garden spread               10-15 cm.
Days from sowing to transplanting    25-30 days
Days from sowing to full bloom          90-100 days
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